The present IT system at Centro de Estudos e Investigacao Cientifica (CEIC) does not perform well. The unreliable system means that CEIC is prevented from developing fully functional databases and build a web presence which is commensurate with the importance of the CEIC institute.

Under this project, which forms part of the CEIC-CMI cooperation programme, the head of CMI's  IT division  will diagnose problems and help develop appropriate objectives for the use of the system as well as give advice on technical solutions. During a brief visit to Angola during the first half of 2007 he will

  • Clarify the source (or sources) of the present problems with CEIC's Communication system,
  • Start developing, with CEIC, a set of objectives for the IT system of the institute and consider strategies and plans for attaining such objectives.
  • In particular, consider how the CEIC website may be speeded up and become more user friendly inside and outside Angola.
  • Consider further action which may be taken jointly between CEIC and CMI.