Ottar Mæstad

Research Professor / Special Adviser, Director Development Learning Lab

This project is a review Haydom Lutheran Hospital, focusing on the following issues

1. HLH as a hospital. (Efficiency, cost-efficiency, sustainability)

  • HLHs place in the Tanzanian health system. Cooperation with / links to MoH.
  • Direct results as a hospital (efficiency, price/performance etc.)
  • External health program (Outreach Program) - effects
  • Sustainability / Future plans and possibilities.

2. HLHs as a development agent in the Mbulu District.

  • Impact in the district related to empowerment, local participation in development projects.
  • Impact on / participation in the development of other social improvements in Mbulu and neighbouring Districts (schools, water etc.).


Global Health and Development

Jan 2006 - Dec 2009