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Ottar Mæstad

Research Professor / Special Adviser, Director Development Learning Lab

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Researcher and manager with a focus on development policy and practice

Mæstad is the Director of Development Learning Lab, a research and learning centre working with practitioners to enhance learning and improve the results of development cooperation. 

Mæstad was the Director of CMI from 2010 to 2022. He is an economist with research background in global health as well as in areas such as environment and energy, climate policy, and international trade. He initiated the global health research programme at CMI, and his research in this area focused on health service delivery - human resources, quality of health care, governance in the health sector, results-based financing, vaccination coverage – as well as adolescent health / early marriage.  

Mæstad has wide experience from research, research management, and policy analysis. He has led a number of research projects for clients such as the Research Council of Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norad, the World Bank, the Hewlett Foundation, Statoil, the Norwegian Shipowners Association, and others.

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