Ottar Mæstad

Research Professor / Special Adviser, Director Development Learning Lab

Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher; Coordinator: Poverty Dynamics

What can be done to deal with Africa's acute shortage of health workers? What are the relationships between health and economic development? Which factors determine the formation and implementation of national health policies? These are some of the questions asked in CMIs new research programme on Global Health and Development. Millions of people are suffering and dying from easily preventable diseases in developing countries, and malfunctioning health systems are at the heart of the problem. The main goal of the research programme will be to increase our knowledge of how health systems in developing countries can be brought to deliver those health services that are so badly needed. A corner stone among the planned activities in the programme will be a five year project on the availability and performance of health workers in Tanzania, sponsored by the Research Council of Norway. The programme involves three senior researchers at CMI and two PhD students. The programme has close collaboration with the University of Bergen (Centre for International Health and Health Economics Bergen) as well as partner institutions in Tanzania.