The main objective of the project will be to build a strategic plan for further development of the administrative setup and management of CEIC within the three-year period 2008-2010. The project will have three main focuses:

  1. Financial management, i.e. to identify financial management challenges that affect the efficient functioning of CEIC; to identify areas that are suitable for transfer of competence and experience between CEIC and CMI and how best management practices at other similar research institutions in the South can be utilised by CEIC.
  2. Project management and acquisition, i.e. to develop project management tools, including time management, calculation models, budgeting and accounting on project level.
  3. Overall administration, i.e. to identify or predict overall administrative challenges that an increased research activity at CEIC will add to the administration and management of the center.

These could be:

  • Filing and institutional memory systems
  • Internal communication, coordination and procedure descriptions
  • Publication and dissemination, including conference management
  • Human resources management
  • Internal admin capacity building

The admin project and its activities should also reflect strategic plans and considerations already made by CEIC.

By the end of the project CEIC should be able to document well-functioning administrative systems in all the three main focus areas mention above.