The objectives for the project can be prioritized as follows:

1. Install own Microsoft Small Business Server, containing the software necessary for being fairly independent and having control over own documents, databases and emails. And also if necessary, upgrade internal infrastructure and survey and identify reliable Internet Service Providers.

2. Obtain a functional and informative website after careful planning and discussion that will serve as an important meeting point for all that are interested in policy research on Angola. Due to the overall infrastructure problems it will be wise to host the website outside Luanda for the time being.

3. Develop an ICT strategy document outlining objectives for the coming years. This strategy should be developed in collaboration with UCAN.

4. Have a central database/location for different datasets, and make these available through a web interface and store in such a way that they are versatile and easily transferable to other formats for use in analyses.

5. Train staff to improve both efficiency in day to day routines, but also enhance the skills, techniques and abilities to utilize the internet to obtain information

6. Together with the library at UCAN, investigate possibilities for subscribing to most relevant online databases and journals.

7. Develop a brief communication strategy document as guideline for disseminating research and information.

8. Together with the library at UCAN and CMI, develop a plan for implementing a digital archive and institutional repository.