This project is a mid-term review of Norway's support to the cultural sector in Nepal. Norwegian support has covered the following areas: theatre production, music, institutional capacity building, and documentation of cultural heritage.

The support has been organised through two projects:

  • Aarohan Theatre Group in cooperation with the National Theatre in Oslo
  • Music Nepal in cooperation with Rikskonsertene

The purpose of the review, as stated in the ToR, is the following:

  • To assess qualitative aspects of the support given so far and give recommendations for possible adjustments for the remainder of the contract period.
  • To assess the relevance of the institutions that have been supported so far and make recommendations if the same institutions or new ones should be considered for future support.
  • To assess advantages/disadvantages of the administrative set-up of the support where HPL has been handling the project on behalf of the Embassy

The report will by completed by 30 December 2008.

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