Odd-Helge Fjeldstad

Research Professor, Coordinator: Tax and Public Finance

Research on taxation has developed at a rapid pace. From being an issue of concern to a select group of economists, the field has evolved to include social and political perspectives, and attention has been dedicated to the crucial role of taxation in state building. Research on taxation today encompasses contributions from all social sciences as well as history and law, using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods. Domestic revenue mobilization (DRM) through taxation is essential to promote sustainable development and is therefore an issue of first order importance to policymakers, aid agencies and civil societies. Given the centrality of taxation to development, the aims of the TaxCapDev network are (i) to facilitate knowledge-based exchange between different types of stakeholders, and (ii) to collect and disseminate different perspectives from the research frontier and public debate to stakeholders in an accessible way. In this way, the network will contribute to mutual improvements of research, policy and citizen engagement within the topic of taxation and capital flight. 

The current third phase of the network phase will run over five years (2021-25) and is a continuance of the of the TaxCapDev-network which was established in 2015 with funding from the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The network is jointly coordinated by CMI, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), and Tax Justice Network-Norway (TJN-N) coordinated the network together with CMI.