An overview of the current role of parliaments in PRSP will be provided through a broad-based literature review of PRSP processes in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Is the current literature on PRSPs and the role of legislatures differently focused than a few years ago? Do more recent studies indicate that changes have taken place compared to the first round of PRSPs? What kind of initiatives and factors is it possible to identify with respect to this? This overview provides the backdrop against which the Tanzanian parliament's role in PRSP will be analysed in more detail. In 2003 Gould and Ojanen pointed out that the Tanzanian parliament has been largely excluded from the PRPS process. Instead this process has reflected the view of a small 'iron triangle' consisting of the presidency, the ministry of finance, donors, and a few civil society organizations. There are indications that efforts have been made to strengthen the role of parliament in Tanzania. We want to explore the measures taken and the effect of these. As the literature on this topic is limited it will be supplemented by key informant interviews with Tanzanian policy makers, civil servants and representatives from civil society and the donor community.

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