The purpose of this review was to assist Norwegian People's Aid in adapting its Angola programme in view of reaching the objectives the organisation had set for its work in the country in the period from 2004 to 2007. When the review was conducted, NPA worked in five provinces in Angola and employed more than 550 persons there. The country programme had an annual budget of approx. 60 million NOK. The NPA Angola strategy for 2004-2007 focused on land and resource rights on the one hand, and democratic rights and participation on the other. The work was organised within two programmes: mine action, which received approx. 85 percent of financial resources, and development, which received approx. 15 percent.



The review concludes that NPA was on track towards reaching many of the goals it had set for its work in Angola during the four-year period in question. It commends the organisation for professionalism and innovation, but signals concern regarding the high level of ambition. Some goals were still far from being reached, and this was primarily because the goals were overly ambitious, and because there were so many of them. Concentrating activities is therefore a key recommendation of the mid-term review.