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CMI was contracted to carry out this study on previous experience in and institutional capacity for poverty and income distribution analysis in Angola. The study aims at presenting an overview of the present and emerging situation with regard to poverty and wealth in Angola, and at producing an input to the Norwegian Embassy on how best to support poverty analysis and monitoring in Angola.

In this study, considerable emphasis is placed on poverty statistics and the state of statistical production in Angola. This is in line with orthodox ways of measuring and describing poverty. Research on poverty has come to be based on quantitative methods. However, this does not mean that the study focuses only on institutions doing predominantly quantitative research. On the contrary, the team perceives - and subscribes to - an emerging feeling among academics, civil society and donors that qualitative research ought to be given more support and emphasis. We believe that it is more important to focus on how quantitative and qualitative techniques can be integrated in what is often called "methodological pluralism" or "pluralistic research".