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Ramji Nyirenda and Arne Tostensen (2009). Research into action. Synergising research and outreach for development and food security in Malawi. Mid-term review of the agricultural research and development programme (ARDEP). Bergen: Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI Report R 2009: 3)

This report presents the findings of a mid-term review of the Agricultural Research and Development Programme (ARDEP) based at Bunda College of Agriculture in Malawi. The objective of ARDEP is to apply new technologies to the challenges facing Malawian smallholders. The novelty of the programme is its mode of operation. It involves multiple stakeholders across sectors into a coherent system of implementation to ensure concerted action towards common goals. Demand-driven micro projects are designed to bring productivity-enhancing technologies out to the ultimate beneficiaries at the grassroots: the farmers themselves, in conjunction with and on the advice of scientists. These pilot micro projects are fully integrated into established government structures, and fit squarely into the overall government policy framework for the agricultural sector. The ARDEP concept and design are sound. Major results can be expected in the remainder of the programme's lifetime. The sustainability of the micro projects themselves as discrete entities is reassuring, and the potential for scaling up is greatly enhanced through their integration into the established structures of the agricultural sector. A model of technological outreach has been arrived at, which promises to be sustainable because the government is involved as a key player.