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Sociologist currently focusing on governance and human rights research.

Sociologist currently focusing on governance, human rights and climate change research.

Tostensen's professional profile and research interests include labour migration (Kenya); regional integration in Eastern and Southern Africa (EAC and SADC); poverty and institutional analysis; research policy; the research-policy nexus; governance and democratisation; human rights; development assistance; and urbanisation (Africa). In recent years Tostensen has conducted research on political institutions, especially parliaments, in Malawi and Uganda, as well as on adaptation to climate change.

He has published and co-edited several anthologies in the field of human rights, poverty and urbanisation. Tostensen has also published extensively on East African politics, often with a focus on parliaments and executive-parliamentary relations.

Tostensen has more than 40 years of experience in research and consultancy work, principally in Eastern and Southern Africa. He has acted as team leader of many consultancies with international participation and whose clients include European aid agencies and the UN. Between 1988 and 1994 he served as CMI's director. Tostensen has broad evaluation experience regarding aid interventions, including in the governance realm. Recently he has become involved in research on child rights and adaptation to climate change.

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