The tenth in a series of yearbooks, this edition contains articles on topical human rights issues as well as surveys of individual countries. A new feature is that more attention is given to `self-monitoring' articles investigating the human rights policies of countries in the North on specific issues and sectors. Another feature is that more effort is given to collaboration between institutions in the North and the South in writing articles and surveys. Both will be strengthened in future editions.

The topics covered this year are development aid in support of indigenous peoples in Latin America, Dutch experiences with the linkage of aid to human rights observance in Mozambique, and an evaluation of Norway's human rights policies and aid with regard to the Palestinian areas in the wake of the Oslo Agreement.

As a regular feature the Yearbook assesses human rights trends in various countries of the South, covering the full range from civil and political rights to economic, social and cultural rights. This year's edition contains surveys of Cuba, Guatemala, Libya, Senegal, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Cuba, Libya and Senegal are included for the first time.

The Yearbook on Human Rights in Developing Countries is a joint project of the Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen; the Danish Centre for Human Rights, Copenhagen; the Icelandic Human Rights Center, Reykjavik; the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, Vienna; the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht; the Norwegian Institute of Human Rights, Oslo; and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund.

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