The East African Countries (EAC) Secretariat’s Energy Division supports regional knowledge coordination and has become a common forum for exchange of best practices and discussions on joint development, and improved regionalisation. 

Norway has provided development assistance to several East African countries for a considerable period of time. In recent years assistance has also been extended to the EAC Secretariat in support of regional integration. The EAC is seen by most stakeholders as a regional harmonization vehicle to unite its Partner States through closer economic cooperation. However, the added value of the regional dimension and the EAC’s involvement are not always clear, neither to the EAC Secretariat, the Partner States nor to the development partners. Specifically, it has been noted that the EAC is experiencing challenges in finding its footing in the energy sector.

This report provides a retrospective end-review of the performance of the Project Development Officer during 2010-2012 when Norway provided funding. The report also offers a prospective exploration in a broader context of on-going and possible future energy-related activities of the EAC. Finally, it elaborates on how Norway can provide future development assistance.