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Analysing political corruption as a distinct but separate entity from bureaucratic corruption, this timely book separates these two very different social phenomena in a way that is often overlooked in contemporary studies. Chapters argue that political corruption includes two basic, critical and related processes: extractive and power-preserving corruption. 

Evaluating seven key case studies, the book illustrates the theoretical basis of corruption and provides a political-economy analysis of the topic, using examples from Sub-Saharan Africa. Outlining how and who is involved, these cases explore the present conditions that enable political corruption. The book highlights how political corruption undermines the political will to curb corruption, a key area that traditional anti-corruption efforts have failed in.

A pertinent and forward-thinking contribution to the field, this will be of interest to those working in anti-corruption, including in aid agencies, national NGOs and government agencies. It will also be useful to development studies, development economics and political theory scholars.

Critical acclaim

‘This exciting and timely book takes issue with much of mainstream corruption analysis and especially with the disappointing record of the resulting policy advice, at least in terms of the undiminished incidence of corrupt practices. Focusing on the issue of political corruption, the essays in this collection manage to advance our knowledge about the general theme while providing valuable country studies of some of the highest profile and most intractable of such instances in sub-Saharan Africa.’
– Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, University of Oxford, UK

‘Political Corruption in Africa: Extraction and Power Preservation is a readable book, beautifully edited by Inge Amundsen. It is a major scholarly contribution and is a powerful book, based upon many deeply researched country case studies. A must read for any policy practitioner, investor, activist or scholar needing to understand how political corruption functions in today’s Africa.’

– Alex Vines OBE, Coventry University, UK


1. Extractive and Power-Preserving Political Corruption. Inge Amundsen
2. Political Corruption and the Limits of Anti-Corruption Activism in Ghana. Kofi Takyi Asante and Moses Khisa
3. Big Men and Poor Voters: Political Corruption and Elections in Kenya. Michelle D’Arcy
4. Congenitally Conjoined and Inseparable: Politics and Corruption in Nigeria. Emmanuel Oladipo Ojo, Vaclav Prusa, Inge Amundsen
5. Inclusive Co-optation and Political Corruption in Uganda. Moses Khisa
6. The ‘Secret Loans Affair’ and Political Corruption in Mozambique. Adriano Nuvunga and Aslak Orre
7. Political Parties, Campaign Financing and Political Corruption in Malawi. Boniface Dulani
8. Political Corruption and State Capture in South Africa. Trevor Budhram
9. Stuck in Transition: Political Corruption as Power Abuse.Inge Amundsen

The book is available HERE from the publisher, Edward Elgar Publ.