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The study is part of an evaluation of Norwegian efforts to increase women's participation in peacebuilding between 2000-2020 conducted by Norad’s evaluation department. The purpose is to generate knowledge on how Norway has supported women’s participation in peace efforts and what the effects of this support have been. The case study analysis has brought
together findings from country cases on Afghanistan and Colombia, and of the “Nordic Women Mediators Network” (NWM) on how Norway has worked to promote women’s participation in peace processes globally. In Afghanistan the focus has been on womens participation in peace initiatives, in Colombia it has been on womens participation in the implementation of the Peace Agreement, and with the NWM it has support to women's participation in peace negotiations around the world.

Kirsten S. Natvig


Mirwais Wardak

Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO)

Martha Inés Romero

Independent researcher

Arne Disch