For several years, Norway was involved in efforts to contribute to a peaceful solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka. After the military victory by the Sri Lankan army over the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in May 2009, Norway no longer has a special role. For public interest and for the purpose of learning and competence building in the field of peace and reconciliation. This is an independent evaluation of the Norwegian peace efforts in Sri Lanka.



• Tell the story of Norwegian peace efforts in Sri Lanka 1997 – 2009.

•Interpret and discuss the choices made by Norway as a facilitator during the entire peace process (1997-2009) in light of the knowledge and opportunities available to Norway at the time.

• Assess the Norwegian understanding of the conflict at the time, and how this understanding was developed and evolved.

• Discuss how key actors and factors have driven and influenced the conflict at relevant stages over the years.

• Discuss whether Norway, through its facilitator role, contributed to results at different levels in various phases of the peace process.

• Provide recommendations to inform future peace processes.

• Learn from experiences in these peace efforts.

• Contribute to the international debate on conflict resolution.