Affiliated Researchers

Aziz Hakimi

Guest researcher

Political sociologist whose research interests include the political economy of late modern war, politics of armed groups & local militias in Afghanistan

CMI is pleased to host Dr. Aziz Hakimi as a visiting researcher (2016-2017). Previously he was a Yggdrasil PhD scholar at CMI (2012-2013). In addition to his research collaboration with CMI, Dr. Hakimi is currently holding a Research Associate position at the Department of Anthropology, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex.  In collaboration with Professor Magnus Marsden of the University of Sussex and Dr. Torunn Wimpelmann, CMI’s Senior Researcher, Dr. Hakimi is leading an exciting research project entitled New Afghan Men? Marriage, Masculinities and Sexual Politics in Afghanistan. The project is a collaborative research initiative between CMI, the University of Sussex and Afghanistan-based NGO, Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO). The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and is led by CMI. It explores the changing notions of masculinity and the political economy of marriage practices in contemporary Afghanistan.

Dr. Hakimi completed his PhD at SOAS, University of London in 2015. His doctoral research explores the role of government-backed militias in the security and political dynamics of three provincial settings (Wardak, Baghlan and Kunduz) and highlights the important role played by local armed groups in the processes of state centralization and state consolidation in the context of the post-2001 NATO involvement and the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan. Dr. Hakimi was previously Executive Director of The Killid Group- a multi-media organization based in Kabul, and subsequently Country Director of Future Generations in Afghanistan, a US-based development NGO and accredited Graduate School.