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Conflicts and crisis have forced more than 80 million people worldwide to leave their homes. This is the highest number of displaced persons the world has ever seen.

At CMI, we study the mechanisms that force people to flee, the obstacles they meet on the way, and how they are treated when they try to get access to a new country. Today is World Refugee Day. Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizon. We have collected a small selection of our research here:


On livelihood and opportunities in the Middle East:
No city is the same: Livelihood opportunities among self-settled Syrian refugees in Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre


On refugees in Sudan:
Irregular Migration or Human Trafficking? The Realities of Cross-border Population Mobility in Western Sudan

No Longer a Guest: Permitting Syrians in Sudan


On humanitarian diplomacy:
Everyday humanitarian diplomacy: Experiences from border areas


On attitudes to migrants:
Inter-group interaction and attitudes to migrants


On climate induced displacement:
Resettlement capacity assessments for climate induced displacements: Evidence from Ethiopia

Preparing to leave? Household mobility decisions in climate affected areas of coastal Bangladesh


On the risks of corruption in humanitarian aid:

Downward accountability in humanitarian aid: what we can learn from a hotline for refugees