The overall objective of this project is to contribute to an improvement in the budgetary system of Angola through making available information about the actual workings of the system at central and local levels.

In particular, the aim is to produce an annual report mirroring the improvements and changes in the Angolan budget system. Among issues which might be highlighted in such a ‘watching brief' on the budget might be action in terms of the budget decentralization process, PETS and using the best practice experience from elsewhere in Africa.

The update and the resulting publication may play a role in contributing to improvement in various ways:

  1. By strengthening the analysis of the budget system in the CEIC Relatório Económico
  2. By linking up and do joint analyses with key institutions in Angola working on budget issues This would comprise both institutions inside Government as well as civil society, particularly the CRS which has done considerable work on budget issues.
  3. Conduct meetings with NGOs and Civil society which are concerned with budget issues in order to disseminate information on important issues and play a catalytic role as a in linking them up with similar organisations in other countries.
  4. Compare various aspects of the Angolan budget processes to ‘best practices' as they are found elsewhere in Africa.