On 14 June, CMI and the Norwegian embassy in Angola signed a new cooperation agreement on research and institutional development. CMI and CEIC also signed a new four-year co-operation agreement. This is the second phase of the CMI-CEIC cooperation. The programme will run for four new years and focus on Angolan society, politics and economy.

CEIC-CMI Collaboration programme
The main objective of the CMI-CEIC cooperation is joint research to enhance knowledge and policy based research on Angola. The programme is a direct cooperation between Angolan and Norwegian researchers.

Research focuses on the analysis of economic and political developments in Angola, especially concerned with the development of new tools and data on economic developments, as well as governance and democratization issues.

The CMI-CEIC Angola programme started up in 2008.

Read more about the programme and the CMI's Angola research: http://www.cmi.no/angola/