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Ivar Kolstad

Senior Researcher

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Jan 2011 - Dec 2014

Poverty and entrepreneurship

Jun 2011 - Jan 2013

Democracy and corruption

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Economist whose current research focuses on the political economy of development, poverty dynamics, and corporate social responsibility

Economist whose current research focuses on three topics: i) the political economy of natural resources, globalization and development; ii) poverty dynamics including diversification, job creation and entrepreneurship; and iii) ethics related to corruption, human rights, tax havens, corporate social responsibility, and responsible investment. Kolstad has managed a number of major research projects, funded by the World Bank, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norad, the Government of Malaysia, Irish Aid, and more. He has substantial experience from research in developing countries in Africa and Asia, in particular Angola, Tanzania, and Bangladesh. Kolstad has a PhD from the Norwegian School of Economics, where he currently teaches business ethics.



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