Centro de Estudos e Investigação Científica (CEIC)

Centro de Estudos e Investigacoes Cientifica (CEIC) is a policy think tank located at the Catholic University of Angola in Luanda. Since 2007 the CMI has had a broad cooperation programme with CEIC, presently comprising 16 different projects in economics, anthropology and political science as well as institutional capacity building.

Inequality in Angola is high with a Gini index of 0.55. The 20% of the population with the highest incomes receive 59% of all incomes, whilst the poorest 20% receive only 3%. Beyond such descriptive information, however, there is limited quantitative analysis of the evolution of inequality, and its preconditions and effects in an Angolan context. A high level of inequality, between households and between regions, presents grave challenges for poverty reduction and may undermine democratization and increase the level of social conflict. However, more research is needed to understand the nature of these challenges in Angola, and how we can respond to them. This project addresses some of these gaps and challenges, focusing on the following two research questions:

  • What is the level of inequality in Angola, nationally and decomposed into inequality between and within regions, and between salient social categories such as gender?
  • What are the main impacts of inequality in Angola on trust and cooperation?


CEIC-CMI Angola Programme

Mar 2015 - Dec 2017