The special issue included the following articles:

1. Introduction "Legal regimes, womenæs work and women's empowerment" (Mala Htun, Fransesca Jensenius and Liv Tønnessen)

2. "Gender-Discriminatory Laws and Women's Economic Agency" (Mala Htun, Fransesca Jensenius and Jami Nelson-Nunez)

3. "Women at Work in Sudan: Marital priviledge or Constitutional Rights?" (Liv Tønnessen)

4. "Growth to Limit of Female Labor Participation in Latin America's Unequal Care Regime" (Fernando Filgueira and Juliana Martinez Franzoni)

5. "The Miracle Tablet Maybe: legalization of the Pill and Women's Childbearing and Career Decisions" (Henning Finseraas and Øyvind Søraas Skorge)

6. "Family Law Reform, Employment and Women's Political Participation in Ethiopia" (Lovise Aalen, Andreas Kotsdam, and Espen Villanger)


Liv Tønnessen

Director of Center on Law and Social Transformation and Senior Researcher