Research Staff

Per Aarvik

Affiliated expert

Digital Humanitarian practitioner, working on "Digital Revolutions" - New Information Technology Tools in 21st Century politics, development and humanitarianism.

With a background as journalist, photographer, from advertizing and teaching technology for design students, the common denominator for his professional life is "communication". Today this manifest itself as unprecedented possibilities for dialogue and collaboration across the planet through the internet. This is the field of practice for Per Aarvik and now also his research subject. He is engaged with volunteer digital humanitarian work during disasters or in democracy settings through the network of Crisismappers, Digital Humanitarian Network and Standby Task Force.

His Master thesis, titled  "Uchaguzi - An analysis of the crowdsourced election monitoring in Kenya 2013" was a study on the differences and similarities between formal and popular perception of the elections. The reports from the crowdsourced election monitoring project formed the basis data for the study.