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Eyolf Jul-Larsen


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Social anthropologist focusing on development, with a particular emphasis on fishing communities and migration in West and Southern Africa.

Social anthropologist focusing on development, with a particular emphasis on fishing communities and migration in West and Southern Africa.

Jul-Larsen's research profile includes issues related to trends in the utilisation of natural resources with emphasis on fisheries. It also includes studies of mobility and the economic and political effects of labour and trade migration in the visiting as well as the home communities of the migrants. In both types of research Jul-Larsen is mainly concentrating on analysis of local institutional dynamics in order to see how these dynamics influence people's work and livelihoods and the possibilities for various sorts of collective action.

Experience from international development aid, both as consultant and operator, has also led to a particular concern about how the various local actors always utilise aid for non-intended purposes and how this in its turn often has important impacts on the local institutional landscape.

Jul-Larsen has management experience as research leader and administrator, team leader in consultancies and leadership positions in development projects.

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