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Peter Hangoma

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Economist with Interest in Global Development, Applied Econometrics, and Health

Peter is a Postdoctoral Researcher at CMI and the University of Bergen under the BCEPS  project where his primary role is to evaluate the impact of health interventions/benefit packages on Welfare, Financial Risk Protection, Equity, and Health status in Ethiopia, Zanzibar, and Malawi. At CMI, his work is primarily focused on the Development Learning Lab(DLL), a new initiative aimed at assessing which  interventions and programmes work  in the field of development.

He obtained his PhD focusing on household welfare and health at the University of Bergen in 2017 and he is a senior lecturer at the University of Zambia. He has widespread experience in conducting quasi experimental as well as randomized evaluations of public programs and specific interventions. He also conducts costing studies and cost benefit analyses of health interventions.  His broad areas of research are in development economics, health systems, and applied econometrics. He is particularly interested in the interaction between household welfare and 1.) human capital—health, education, and financial endowment, 2.) child development, 3.) financial inclusion & Insurance, and 4.) Technology adoption—health, financial, and agriculture.

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