Dos Justicias: Coordinación interlegal e intercultural en Guatemala (Two Justices: Interlegal and Intercultural Coordination in Guatemala) is the result of a collaboration between the authors, the Indigenous Mayoralty of Santa Cruz del Quiché, and other indigenous authorities in the department of Quiché. The film, Dos Justicias: los retos de la coordinación (Two Justices: the Challenges of Coordination) documents a paradigmatic case of interlegal coordination between Mayan justice and the state system, filmed by members of the community and subsequently edited and complemented with new material. In the accompanying text Promesas y peligros de la coordinación: Derecho indígena, inseguridad y la búsqueda de justicia en Guatemala (Promises and Dangers of Coordination: Indigenous Law, Insecurity and the Search for Justice in Guatemala) Rachel Sieder reflects on current debates and practices around interlegal coordination in Guatemala, placing these within a wider Latin American context. In Video comunitario y coordinación jurídica en Quiché (Community Video and Legal Coordination in Quiché) Carlos Yuri Flores analyzes the role that the appropriation and circulation of audiovisual production by K’iche’ communities plays within Mayan law.

The book is accompanied by a DVD. 
Español / English: 38 minutes.