SuperCamp kickoff Kjersti Berg

 09.15–10:00 Project plans and output (Are and Kjersti)

  • Introduction to the project (background, goals, outcomes)
  • Project plan (int’l panels, workshops, conference)
  • Project outputs (papers, articles, chapters, deadlines)

 10.00-12.00 Resettlement and Relief, 1850-1950 (Chair: Synnøve Bendixsen)

  • Benjamin Thomas White (University of Glasgow): “Refugees, Camps, and Containment in the Middle East: 1918 and 1948 in Comparative Perspective”
  • Kjersti G. Berg (Chr. Michelsen Institute): “Unending temporary. UNRWA and the Palestinian refugee camps”
  • Dawn Chatty (University of Oxford): “An Imperial Lens on Contemporary Humanitarian Practices: Continuities and Ruptures” (skype presentation)

 12.00-13.00 Lunch

 13.00-15:00: Encampment and Control, 1950-2000 (Chair: Kjersti Berg) *

  • Kamel Doraï (ifpo & CRNS): “Making Home in the Zaatari Camp (Jordan): From Tents and Containers to Self-Constructed Houses”
  • Are John Knudsen (Chr. Michelsen Institute): “Constructing Containment: Encampment and Emergency Urbanism in Sabra, Beirut” 
  • Ismael Sheikh Hassan (Lil-Madina): “The Ghettoization and Densification of Beddawi Refugee Camp, Tripoli” (skype presentation)

 Coffee break & refreshments (15 mins)

 15:15-17:15: Rebordering and Return, 2000-2017 (Chair: Are Knudsen)

  • Rebecca Bryant (Utrecht University): “The Threat of Open Borders: The Turkey-EU Deal Under Pressure” 
  • Synnøve Kristine Nepstad Bendixsen (University of Bergen): “Conceptualizing Migrant Containment along the Balkan Route: An Ethnographic Approach”
  • Sari Hanafi (AUB): “Migration and Refugees in a Global World: The Case of the Mediterranean” (skype presentation)

 Coffee break & refreshments (15 mins)

 17:30-18.30 Short Presentations (Chair: Are John Knudsen)

  • Runa Sekse Aarset (MA student, CMI): “The Governance of Migration in Ceuta and Melilla”
  • Bjørnar Haveland (Affiliated researcher, CMI): “Shatila: The Architecture of the Refugee Camp”
  • Robert Forster (PhD student, CMI): “Participation, Programming and Refugee Governance in Tripoli, Lebanon”