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Bruce M. Wilson

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Political scientist focusing on judicial politics and the political economy of Latin America

Wilson has a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis and is Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida. Orlando, Florida. He is currently a project leader for the project "Elevating water rights to human rights: has it strengthened marginalized peoples' claim to water?" funded by the Norwegian Research Council.  

His research on Latin American judicial politics and political economy has appeared in peer-reviewed journals including Comparative Political Studies, the Journal of Latin American Studies, Comparative Politics, Electoral Studies, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, and as numerous book chapters.

He is currently Co-Editor of the Journal of Political Science Education, a peer-reviewed scholarship of teaching and learning journal and was previously the Editor of The Latin Americanist, an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal. 

His newest (co-authored) book is "Courts and Power in Latin America and Africa" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). 

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