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Saul Mullard

Senior Advisor (U4)

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Social scientist with a background in Development Studies and South Asian studies.

Saul has a background in historical sociology, development studies and South Asian studies. His doctoral research focussed on the social and historical processes of state formation in the Indian Himalayan state of Sikkim. Following post-doctoral research exploring key themes in the social history of societies in the Himalayas, he embarked upon practical work in international development with a focus on anti-corruption and youth/civil society engagement.

At CMI he combines his practical and academic interests to produce policy relevant research. His current research interests include the relationship between corruption and climate change and the role of local communities and indigenous peoples in addressing corruption and environmental protection. 

Saul holds a doctorate and masters from the University of Oxford in South and Inner-Asian/Oriental Studies in addition to a B.A in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).


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