Photo: Ole Frithjof Norheim

Performance Based Financing

Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher; Coordinator: Poverty Dynamics

Siri Lange

Associated Research Professor

Ottar Mæstad


Vincent Somville

Associated Senior Researcher

Sarah A Tobin

Research Professor

Poor service quality and insufficient coverage prevail in many low-income countries’ health sector. Extensive absenteeism and a substantial gap between the clinical procedures health workers know they should follow, and what they actually do with patients (a “know-do gap”), indicate that lack of motivation among health care providers is a critical factor. Against this background, performance based financing is gaining momentum as an approach to boost motivation, strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes in low-income countries. CMI researchers are involved in several projects to understand the implementation process, the cost and the impacts of performance based financing in the health sector.

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