India has experienced massive economic growth over decades that has lifted many out of poverty. Yet, there are still high levels of poverty in many parts of the country, and economic development may conflict with indigenous rights to land and natural resources. We research why poverty is still high in a fast growing economy, and how access to finance, labor markets and health services, as well as legal rights may improve the lives of the poor.

Current projects

Anwesha Dutta

Senior Researcher

Hanna Geschewski

Doctoral Researcher

Siri Gloppen

Associated Research Professor

Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher; Coordinator: Poverty Dynamics

Saul Mullard

Senior Advisor (U4)

Ottar Mæstad


Saumya Pandey

Doctoral Researcher

Vincent Somville

Associated Senior Researcher

Hugo Stokke

Senior Researcher

Bert Suykens

Associated Senior Researcher