This project has been developed to support GoM (the National Directorate of Poverty Analysis and Studies/DNEAP in the Ministry of Planning and Development/MPD) to improve the understanding of poverty dynamics and the coping strategies of the poor in Mozambique, as experienced by poor Mozambicans, through qualitative research using participatory techniques. It will also improve DFID Mozambique's own understanding of poverty.

A pilot study was undertaken in Nampula Province in spring 2006 (with separate funding) and two further studies are planned for Maputo and Sofala in 2007 and 2008, respectively.  Each study, including the pilot, will be followed up after 3 years (and beyond if desired) and it is expected that the project will provide useful panel data on the changing dynamics of poverty over time.

The Goal is to improve Government of Mozambique overall systems for analysing and monitoring trends and patterns in poverty.

The Purpose is to improve Government of Mozambique and DFID understanding of poverty and its dynamics, as experienced by poor Mozambicans themselves.